Thursday, November 3, 2011

The now standard hold you over while I do a battle report post

Pinning all over the place.
Not entirely standard, despite the title, as I've gotten a lot done over the past few days.  Starting with things not pictured, I did a better job of priming Black Ivan.  The high spots were fine, but the undercarriage needed some work.  Black Ivan is now significantly blacker in his hard to reach crevices.  Talking with EV today about Ivan made me think about how quick he should paint up.  He'll be mostly black (shocker) and most of the rest will be metal, with just a few bits of green and red to tie him in with the rest of the army.  I may take a run at getting him painted quickly, but quickly is a relative term around here and I have lots of ideas for this month's Paint the Target.  More on that in a bit.  I also put down a Dullcote on the WGI, Doomies, pButcher, Strakhov, and Harkevich.  This was a bit of a rushed job as I got called away to keep an eye on a sick puppy (my model for the War Dog that you've seen here and there), so there are still lots of shiny parts on the models, but it's nothing another coat won't fix.

As you can see, there's been pinning-a-plenty of late.  In preparation for Paint the Target (not yet, later still) I pinned the errant arm back on the Manhuntress.  Judging by how she performed today I should have done this long ago.  Aiyana and Holt got the treatment, though only Holt needed pinning.  Having read a thread on the PP forums about mercs and Valachev, someone mentioned using those three together.  It seems like a toolboxy combo that will make A+H more flexible while allowing me to get another Greylord on the table.  You can never have enough Frostbite.  (All this Greylord love makes me think I should hop on the Zerkova train sooner than I've been intending.)

Only had to pin Torch's grenade launchers here.
Before I left to watch the dog I gathered some stuff to keep myself occupied.  It was the usual assortment I bring when I'm not sure what I want to do, but know I want to get some hobbying in:
  • Forces of Khador/Menoth/Trollbloods/Mercenaries
  • Primal mk. 2 and the mini Warmachine rule book
  • The Passage.
  • The two player box
  • Trollbloods starter box
  • Old Witch + Scrapjack
  • Torch upgrade kit
Traveling light as always.  In the end I didn't crack the books much, but I did make a dent on the two player box.  I used the Khador chassis to build Torch (save the chainsaw arm which came later), then got into the casters.  Despite having two pSorschas already, I made up the plastic one (in preparation for Paint the Target, still not yet).  Since I still had some time to kill I go pKreoss together as well.  Disappointing, but unsurprising, both of their weapons were bent, so I put on my big boy pants and get to bending.  I had the Shock Troopers halberds with me as well, which got the same treatment.  Starting with the least important (the backup-backup Sorscha) I ran them under a super hot tap, bent them into something approaching the right shape, then dunked and held them in a cup of cold water.  The results were decent enough and the process wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  After a quick tallying just now, I made (or repaired in one case) enough models for a 22 point pSorscha list over the past two days.  Not too shabby.

Now, Paint the Target.  This month it's a female model, of which I have many options.  First up is the Manhuntress, who has been semi-painted for at least a year.  A pSorscha is next and while it would make the most sense to just finish the one I started, I may well do up the plastic one instead.  Also viable options are the WGI UA (the commander is female), the Widowmakers (ditto commander), Aiyana and Holt, and eSorscha, listed in order of likeliness.  Realistically I'm going to aim for the Manhuntress and the WGI UA since these see the most table time.  If I get those three done, plus Ivan, I'd be just four models away from having the list I ran today be fully painted (Koldun Lord, Kovnik Joe, War Dog, Greylord Escort for those playing at home).  Granted one of those models (Kodiak) I got from EV already painted when I bought in a year and a half ago, but despite that I'm awful close.  It's a nice feeling to have the finish line in sight, and I imagine it will be nicer still to cross that line.  Perhaps then I'll try and rearrange my work schedule so I can get some games in at a local store.

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