Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One step closer

This is a much worse picture than I thought.
Got the Manhuntress painted up today.  While I didn't go from primer to finished today, it was close enough to call it that.  The fur bits, of which there are plenty I will admit, are the only parts that didn't see a complete reworking.  I'm not 100% pleased with the green as the highlighting is a bit garish to my eye, especially in the bosoms.  This is the same problem I had with the Winter Guard, so it looks like time has not solved this issue.  I've been mixing in Bleached Bone to lighten the green, which has worked for every other color I've tried it with, but perhaps this particular green just doesn't work in that way.  Back to the drawing board I suppose.  Green aside, I'm pleased with how she turned out.  I wanted to give her blue eyes, but they didn't pop in the way I hoped, so I went with blue eye shadow (I think that's what you'd call it.  The upper lid color.  I won't claim to know anything about makeup terminology) and brown eyes, which I think worked out.  I was on the fence about taking more pictures, but with how poorly this one turned out I'll definitely be setting up the lightbox when I'm done with the snow and varnishing.  The first coat of gloss is drying now.  Hopefully I'll get the snow done tonight after the Caps game, then finish varnishing tomorrow so she'll be done done and ready for Thursday.

I read a Strakhov/pButcher battle report yesterday that made me extra eager to run a pButcher theme list.  Somehow I glazed over the t4 effect (AD on melee jacks), but seeing it in action in this report made me realize just how potent that benefit is.  Khador jacks are slow slow slow (even if there are plenty of tricks to speed them up some), so having them an extra 6" forward is quite a boon.  With that bonus, the general turn 1 fun run puts them on the center line, aka all up in your opponent's grill.  With +2 SPD for Men-o-War on the first turn, the army can get up the field with a quickness.  I like the list from the report, though the min MoW units do trouble me a bit.  Not much you can do about it at 35 points though.  I could run a version of it, with a Widowmaker Marksman instead of Yuri and Bombardiers instead of Demo Corp, if I had another Manhunter.  This doesn't mean I don't lust after Yuri and another Manhunter though, and a unit of Demo Corp would round out my MoW collection nicely.  I think this is the list I'd aim for to have fully painted if I had all the pieces.  Perhaps I'll remedy that situation later this month if the Warstore does a nice Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  If I can somehow crank out some combination of the rest of the WGI (with Joe), a MoW unit, the Widowmakers, and a jack or two then I might not feel so bad about adding more to the pile.


  1. Again thanks for the link.

    The other crazy thing about that butcher theme force is that, not only does it get into your face faster than you think, but it is also a TON of armor. It is not easy to crack. It is attrition to the max.

  2. Attrition is my favorite approach at this point. I'd love to run more MoWs, but they're just so slow. Same for the jacks, though we have ways around it. I have a very few, very small reservations about his theme list, but the biggest potential problem I can see is that I might like it so much that I'm reluctant to play anything else, though I guess that's a good problem to have.