Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Post About Nothing

They don't look too Khadoran, but neither do the real ones...
The mega battle report takes up the whole front page when I load the blog and I don't like it.  The answer?  Another (shorter) post. 

In a fit of inspiration I remembered that hidden away somewhere deep in the recesses of my collection was a box of Vespero's Vendettas that I might be able to use as stand-in Kayazys so I could give the unit a shot.  Ten seemed like a reasonable number to come in a box, and even six should be easy enough to come by.  After rooting around for a bit I came up with three assassins and Vespero himself.  Looks like I'll have to wait until I can get the actual models.  Of course the actual models are...unfortunate.  Still, Kayazys seem like a good fit with Irusk (Battle Lust), Strakhov(feat), and any caster with Iron Flesh(tarpit), so I'm curious how they'll work on the table.  A full unit with the Underboss and some support solos are the core of the impending Warstore order, to be joined by other bits and bobs depending on what the Black Friday sale has to offer.  The Holiday bundles at the Privateer store looked interesting at first glance, but all they have to offer is a PP tape measure, dice, and tokens.  I had hoped for some sort of discount, and much as I'd like a gaming tape measure I'll have to be content with whatever the Home Depot has on offer.  Hopefully I can find one with a sturdy, durable lock.

On the hobby front, Black Ivan has arc markings and a coat of varnish.  I'm going to try a new snow basing method: mixing the snow and glue into a paste.  With any luck this will give me mounds of snow instead of the thin covering of the current method, glue then snow.  Irusk and the WGI ephemera got a base black coat on the appropriate areas, so everything on them from here on should be finished work. 

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