Friday, December 2, 2011

Actual Progress

Le group.
While it wasn't much, I did get some painting done today.  It's been about a week and a half since I last held a brush so I wanted to get back into the habit.  Turns out you can get real rusty with even this short of a break.  I did some poor work on the black, but at least it's done, plus I got a wash on the leather and did some hair.  I also black lined the anvil on the flag which helps just as much as it did on Ivan.  It's not my best work ever, and I managed to mess up some of the red while I was doing it, but the results were worth the effort.  Black lining has been pushed by every good painter since before I got started in the hobby, but now that I'm finally trying it I see what they've been going on about.  The only issue is that it's a fiddly thing to do, and I'm not always the steadiest hand at the painting table.  Plus it takes a while.  The sacrifices we make for our hobbies...

Poor pictures happen.
Irusk escaped the worst of the slaughter.  He was last on the line, which helped, and I was aware of the damage I was causing while slapping around paint on the Winter Guard, so I tried to slow things down and concentrate on what I was doing.  I think I managed to keep him looking decent, compared with what happened to the rest.  Looking at this picture I'm considering making the center armor plates red, whether edging or entirely, to tie together the top and bottom red bits.  This would require me to backtrack and break the reds out again, and probably the blacks if I did the edges black and the center red, but it would probably work out for the best.  I'll have to get the reds going again to fix the banner anyway.  Overall the group is coming along and close to being done.  If I didn't have to remember which end of the brush goes in the paint today, I might have gotten the whole batch done.  As it is they're still close enough to done that I might finish them next time, though if I start rearranging Irusk he'll take longer.  Still to go is finishing the leather, metal bits, touch-ups, and basing.  Not too bad.  Paint the Target for this month is something "non-human," which is pretty broad.  My first thought was jacks, particularly the Juggy and/or Destroyer that have been half painted since I started playing Warmachine, but now I'm thinking eEiryss or Sylys could be a good choice too.  Or Torch.  Plenty of options.

Coming to frustrate you soon.
On the options front, I opened up some blisters and got to gluing last night.  My intention was to get the Kayazy ready for priming this morning, but I hit a snag when the two blisters each came short a base.  I'll have to see what I can do about it, but for now the plan is to co-opt two Mechanic bases into the Kayazy.  I doubt I'll want to run a max Mechanic unit in the immediate future, but I'll definitely want to put as many Kayazy as possible on the table in my next game or two.  The models are butt ugly, which is a known quality and the reason I haven't gotten them sooner, but this batch was also a lower quality than I'm used to from PP.  Hefty mold lines on each model, and each running through plenty of detail.  The results won't be pretty, but the models aren't pretty either so it's a bit of a push.  There's also a two piece model that will need a pin, so I pulled up short of the full unit last night.  I did get Gormann on a base though.  Still need green stuff on the lot, plus basing, but at least I got a start.  After such a long layoff any progress is good, especially considering the pile of stuff waiting for some love.

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