Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to the painting table

A good start.
As the title says, today I got back to painting.  Despite my plans to get some Greylords painted I stuck (more or less) with what I had already pulled out of my bag.  After a bit of a marathon session I got base colors down on the Bombardiers and Juggernaut, plus a healthy dose of Tamiya Smoke and Devlan Mud slathered around.  The jack swap happened for a pair of reason.  No Destroyer has hit the table since I got Black Ivan, who is well worth the extra point over a base Destroyer, but I want to give the Ivan/Destroyer/Harkevich setup that I brought to the tournament, even if I never used it.  Of course I'd also like to use the Bombardiers in that list, but I can take them out with less disruption than losing the Destroyer.  The Juggy sees plenty of table time, so I'd like to get it painted sooner than later, especially when the alternative is painting the Destroyer with its noted-above lack of play time.  The Bombardiers took a lot longer than I was expecting, but hopefully things will go quicker now that I have the foundation established.  The green is going to be murder on them though.  Ideally I'll get the Juggy finished for Paint the Target, though I suppose I can fall back on the wreck markers if need be.  There should be a decent amount of painting time available this week, and once I get the green finished things should wrap up quick. 

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