Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bombs away

Gogo Ice Axe.
Quick one here before hockey.  Finished up the latest batch today.  It took longer than I expected, but in the end all the little rivets and tiny highlights pay off.  Of course forgetting details like the Ice Axe and the Bombardiers leader's head until the very end didn't help on the time front, but they're done now which is what matters.  The axe in particular was a bit of an experiment.  I wanted to get a sort of blue glow effect, so once I realized I had forgotten it I went back over the regular silver color with the light blue (not sure what it is, akin to GW Ice Blue) and started filling in at the "base" of the axe with the idea that the "glow," and the ice itself, was coming from the center of the axe and would get fainter as it got closer to the edges.  Straight blue went in the middle with progressively more VGC Silver mixed in as I moved out.  It didn't turn out quite like I wanted, but it doesn't look half bad either.  Next time I might try a blue base and put the silver on top of it, or perhaps use a blue wash over a silver base.  Because time is an issue, have a photo dump for the finish.

Ready for bombardiering.

Now with individualization!
Solo detail.

More solo detail.

Super shoulder detail.

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