Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Open works, insert wrench.
Motivation has been a problem around here lately.  Despite intending to finish up (at least some of) the current batch of painting these past two days, no paint brushes have been raised.  Hopefully tomorrow is the day all that changes.  All has not been lost in hobby land though.  The Black Friday arrivals got pushed through the machine yesterday so I could get them primed today, then hit all the spots that got missed tomorrow, all so they'd be good and dry for Thursday.  Of course I didn't take weather into account, so when I got up this morning and checked the humidity (98%...) plans got scrapped in a hurry.  And of course the forecast for tomorrow is the same.  The silver lining here is that I have a bunch of minis ready for priming whenever the weather breaks, but the obvious downside is that either I won't be getting to try out the Kayazys this week or I'll have to put my "prime before table time" maxim on hold for a couple days.

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