Monday, December 26, 2011

Painting and developments

Quick pictures are bad pictures.
A belated painting update.  On Friday I got the reds done and touched up the areas that will be black and little metal bits, which is all that now remains.  Aside from basing of course.  This time around I tried to be more liberal with the shading on the red, which was challenging since I wanted these models to fit in with the rest of the army that has less-shaded reds.  I've been wanting to do a darker red for a while now, but I'm basically locked-in to the bright red for the Motherland (not to mention my Blood Angels).  With Paint the Target due on Wednesday, and a game with EV tomorrow, it looks like Wednesday morning will be "get the Juggy done ASAP" time.  I don't anticipate any problems finishing on time, but stuff has a way of cropping up when you don't expect it.

In other news, my not-quite local FLGS had a Legion deck when I stopped by today (along with eVayl), so the Legion train is ready to hit the table.  Color schemes are still giving me fits though.  I think I want to go with blue and orange, but I'm faltering on how to put them together.  Blue skin with orange armor/scales?  Considering I want to do a very pale blue, more of a white shaded with blue than an actual blue, I'm not sold on orange working.  Going monochrome is an option, using orange as a spot color, but that seems like it would get monotonous with little delay.  Hopefully inspiration strikes at some point or I may be doing speculative paint jobs on some poor Shredders.

In other other news, no luck on little winter trees at Micheal's today.  I think I may have been early as it looked like they were just starting to set up the Christmas clearance stuff.  Perhaps a return will prove more fruitful.

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