Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Further adventures in time-delay posting

When this post drops I should be up to my hips in Plague Marine parts as a marine on marine rematch rages between my Blood Angels and EV's Death Guard.  My list will be very different from our first clash, though it will probably be the same as the list I took against his Deathwing (aka my standard list).  I'm considering swapping out an assault squad for a tactical squad, mostly to hold objectives with in case we roll an objective heavy game, but also to keep my still unsealed assault squad from hitting the table.  While I want to play with the minis I've put so much time into, I'd rather not have them damaged in the process.  I doubt that will happen though, so I'll probably stick with the list as it stands.

As for strategy, I plan to turn my Devastators on the Plague Marines.  While I won't insta-gib them, thanks to that blasted toughness 5, I will negate their armor save and FNP along with it.  I have melta guns aplenty to deal with armor, though I'm likely to take a round of shooting from massed Vindicators.  Not a pleasant thought, but not one I have a counter for other than deep striking, which I'm not set up to do properly, or relying on 5+ rolls from any missiles that hit.  Neither plan fills me with confidence, so screaming across the field is what I'm going with unless terrain an EV's deployment offer me a more attractive alternative.  What I won't be doing is taking a roundabout route like I did last time, and I hopefully won't be getting charged all over the place either.

As tough a nut as the Plague Marines are to crack, it's the Demon Princes that worry me the most.  I have no good answer for them or effective counter.  They have high toughness, lots of wounds, an invulnerable save, and strike before anything I have in CC.  Oh, and they reroll nearly everything.  My best option would be to shoot them, but I doubt I'll have that luxury.  I guess I'll mostly try to stay away from them and take potshots, then attempt to finish them off with a charge.  Hopefully EV will keep them on different sides of the field so I can concentrate on one and ignore the other.

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