Saturday, February 26, 2011

Varnishing in progress

Improvised painting stick and drier in one.
I managed to snatch a very few minutes today for hobbying.  I pulled the second batch of assault marines off their painting holders and stuck them to my now-standard paint stirrer covered in masking tape.  One nice afternoon, and a few minutes later, resulted in some shiny marines. I didn't do the bottom black strip on the bases yet because I wanted to get them varnished and didn't have time to get the paint on and let it dry.  I'm more concerned with getting the models ready for decals, and having written that just now reminds me that I didn't varnish the two rejects from the first batch, though only one needs to be prepped for a new decal.

I also went by Michael's this afternoon to look for the decal additives.  I talked to a guy who looked like a gamer, but didn't know what I was looking for.  I poked around near the models, but found only Testor's enamels and superglue.  I also looked by the Pinewood Derby stuff, but no luck there either.  I'm considering going to the not-so-friendly local hobby store before work tonight, but am on the fence about it.

In the further future, meaning tomorrow, I hope to get a start on the last of the assault marines, but that may be a long shot.  More reasonable goals include twiddling with lists and starting on some backup posts.  While I feel a little weird discussing a list I got from someone else, the first idea that came to me was breaking down the Blood Hammer list and how I (should) use it.  This will be good for a couple posts, which will be a start.  A short post for today, but a post all the same.

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