Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Khadoran Ground-Breaking Machine Breaks Sometimes, Like Today

The power armor rematch went much like the first match did: a violent curbstomping of the guys in bloody red by the guys in sickly green.  In a fit of tactical genius, I completely ignored the strategy I laid out earlier today and instead decided to run around and give EV many opportunities to shoot my poor troops.  The Daemon Princes wrecked shop as expected, but the Vindicators were a non-factor.  Of course there were no Vindicators as EV had replaced them with Obliterators, who tore me up real good.    While my dice were out to lunch, in the end I can only blame lack of fire discipline and changing plans mid-stream.  The Plague Marines are a tough nut, despite what the internets have to say about Chaos Marines, but I'll figure them out eventually.

In happier news, I made a video of this afternoon's massacre.  I've seen video battle reports around and thought I'd give it a shot.  While I like the old fashioned text and picture report it's good to try new things.  I had hoped that there would be a time savings, but between editing and uploading I probably spent about the same amount of time doing the video as I would have writing up a traditional report.  Granted some of that time was spent learning how to use iMovie, and a still unfamiliar Mac, so the process may speed up a bit with repeated attempts.  I had to fight the urge to insert paragraphs into the video, but I'm a writer at heart rather than a director.  Enough of that though, on to the show.

edit: The video has a very few NSFW moments, mostly me cursing dice and models.

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