Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something a little different

     I keep meaning to do a weekend-of-disappointment recap, but haven't quite mustered the drive for it yet.  I got out the camera intending to take a picture of my LPC group as it stands (perhaps 35% complete).  Instead I fished a wizard out of the Simple Green vat to see how it looked.  I was surprised in a couple of ways.  Initially I thought the plastic had started to melt, but it turns out that was just the paint waiting to slide off with a nudge.  Or so it seemed at first...

It will live again
     Remember this guy from my experiment "painting" with washes?  I've cast an appreciative eye at the Light lore a couple times, or perhaps it's Life that I'm thinking of, when pondering Empire choices.  Considering that this model is more or less designed to be a wizard of said lore I figured it would be a good idea to get it ready for an actual paint job, so when I pulled the ancient Predator from the vat I dropped this guy in.  He's been soaking for a couple days and the results are encouraging, if perplexing.  As you can see, the model is black after the stripping.  This is interesting considering it started out as grey plastic.  At first I thought that perhaps the stripping process had stained the model black, but a quick fingernail scratching showed that grey plastic still lives underneath a coat of black paint.  How it is that layers of washes and white primer came off so easily, while the black primer still clings to the model is beyond me.  I'm starting to wonder exactly what kind of paint I used to prime these models because it's the most resilient primer I've ever seen.  We'll see how another couple days in the Simple Green goes, but I'm thinking this guy might just have the black primer, though ideally I'd like to base and reprime.

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