Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a small, green world

This is what I call a successful morning.
Because this part of the post goes with the picture it gets to kick things off.  This has been a productive day in terms of volume, if not in finished product.  On the heels of thinking that I should figure out what kind of Orks I have built, and what I still need to build, I combined some of my Ork boxes today.  The storage system for my Orks is complicated, or used to be.  I had two boxes, one for models with some form of paint and one for models devoid of paint.  This morning I switched it up a little and put all the infantry in one box and all the vehicles in another.  While doing so, I discovered that I have enough to fill out a 500(ish) point list, provided that I switch the mob sizes of the sluggas and shootas and that I build another power klaw Nob.  It makes a bit more sense to have a full sized slugga mob in retrospect, so this all has worked out for the best.  I based all the unprimed models, plus the painted ones that are finished.  The spray cans came next, primer for the bare plastics and varnish for the painted ones.  While I would prefer to base things before they get primed, having things already painted and unbased makes that a little tough.  I used a bit less water than usual when mixing the glue, so hopefully the ballast will stick better in this batch.  I also hope that the varnish will keep the ballast in place on the painted ones so I can actually paint the bases instead of just wiping the ballast off with a brush.  Time will tell.

From the "what a small world we live in" file, I had an odd collision of interests this morning.  While this blog is about wargaming, I have another overriding passion: hockey.  Keen-eyed observers may have noticed that my user icon is a Caps logo and that one of the blogs I follow is a Caps-centric blog.  I've been a season ticket holder for something like 12 years now, and over that time I've come to recognize some of the so-called superfans.  One of these fans is known as Goat, an odd name for the single loudest person I know of.  He yells of "Let's go Caps" can be heard throughout the arena, and he's been a fixture for as long as I can remember.  While reading some hockey article or other, I followed a couple links and ended up at his home page, appropriately called Loud Goat.  A few clicks later, I'm surprised to discover that he was a graphic designer for GW for many years.  While I realize that the odds are decent that someone else in the 18,000+ fans at Verizon Center shares similar interests, outside of hockey, it's still an odd feeling to know that the guy that sits on the other end of the ice from me was connected to the hobby world.

As a forgotten addendum, I put in a Warstore order this morning for Draigo, Crowe, a TDA Chappy (who didn't appear on the order I got in the email, but hopefully I can straighten it out), an Ork Dread, and some Orky dice.  I considered Pedro Kantor, but in the end figured that I could convert one up easy enough in the unlikely event that I absolutely have to have one before GW replaces metal with whatever it is they'll be using.  With this order in, I'm covered on special characters I could conceivably want to use and almost set on sculpts that I like enough to buy. 

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