Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ork list shaping up

Just add ork.
I had another epiphany at work last night, that or I'm starting to stroke out.  Assuming the former is the case, an ork list came together for me once I thought to use a biker Warboss instead of a trukk mounted one.  This move does a couple things for me: it frees up a trukk for more boys/nobs/whatever, gives me a reason to use all the bikers I already have, and most importantly it gives me a chance to convert up a Wazdakka, even if I only use him as a Warboss most of the time.  The list still needs some tweaking as I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I have the basic shape of the thing and now it's all just detail work.  Until I change my mind again of course.  How it stands now:

145 - Warboss w/ Bike, Power Klaw, Cybork Body, Attack Squig
85   - Big Mek w/ Kustom Force Field

245 - 30 Shoota Boys w/ Power Klaw Nob & 3 Rokkit Launchas
230 - 30 Slugga Boys w/ Power Klaw Nob & 3 Big Shootas
142 - 12 Boys w/ Power Klaw Nob & Trukk
142 - 12 Boys w/ Power Klaw Nob & Trukk
95   - Dread w/ Big Shoota & CCW (troops choice)

310 - 11 Bikers w/ Power Klaw Nob
110 - 3 Buggies w/ Rokkit Launchas & 1 Wartrak

95   - Dread w/ Big Shoota & CCW
150 - 3 Kans w/ Rokkit Launchas

The Warboss will join the bikers and lead the zoomie part of the army, while the Mek sticks with the lads and footslogs with the walkers.  I'd like more buggies in the list as I think the two trukks would be too exposed by themselves.  My first thought is to whittle down the bikers some, as they're an awfully big points sink, but I want the Warboss to have a largish bodyguard and don't know that I want to trade four bikers for three buggies.  I could swap the regular bikers for Nob bikers, but as the list stands I don't have any of the "good" ork units (Lootas, Battlewagons, Nob Bikers) and I think I'd like to keep it that way.  For me orks are about a ton of bodies, more boys than your opponent has bullets, and none of those options really jives with that.  The Lootas are in keeping with the Deathskull theme, and I may well end up with some eventually, but the Nob Bikers especially go against what I want to do.  I'm sure they're very effective, but they're also very elite and therefore expensive.  A baseline Nob biker is 45 points, which could buy you 7.5 boys.  Nob bikers look like fun on paper, but they just don't fit the playstyle I'm looking for.

Ghetto Super Nob.
One of the benefits of this list is I already have most of it.  Rokkit launchas will be a problem, but Power Klaws shouldn't be, so I'll only have to deal with one of the two usual bottlenecks.  I don't have any walkers, so two dreads and a box of kans would go on the list, plus a box of bikers to make the Warboss and a new Nob for the unit to replace ghetto super nob.  Much as this swap will pain me, it would just look weird to have the Nob as one of the old, weedy models while one of the random boys is one of the sexy new bikers.  Total outlay for these components should end up around $150, which is what I'd be spending on a GKT squad and a Rifleman dread.  Not a bad trade in my book.

I got a looted wagon from EV a while back, along with a huge sack of Nobs, neither of which appear in this list.  I've toyed with Nobs in a couple forms, mostly foot and trukk based, but I came to the same conclusion about them as I did about their biker form: I'd rather have 3.5 boys instead of one Nob.  The wagon I'd really like to find a place for, as it'd add some longer range, higher strength firepower that the orks need, but I haven't made the numbers work just yet.  Also I'm reluctant to put a single tank on the table, though if I combined it with a swarm of buggies...


  1. The nice thing is that G.W. makes a rokkit kit in their bitz section. I don't think they'll all work for your boyz, but check The War Store for plastic Rokkit Launchas- they're $5.99 a pop, but that's a lot less than buying a new boyz mob for every needed weapon.

  2. The thing about the box of boys is that you get a PK Nob in the box too, so it's not as bad. Of course you get 2-3 in the Nobs box, which is the same price, but then you don't get any rokkits. I'm considering taking the rokkits off some of the deffcoptas, which aren't a lock to see table time, but I'm also considering just running big shootas and using whatever rokkits I happen to have instead of searching them out in particular. Ultimately I think I'll want more Shoota boys so I wouldn't be getting boxes of boys just for one or two pieces, but that's a concern for well down the road.