Thursday, April 21, 2011

A question that should have occurred long ago

How did I miss this?
While poking around the interwebs I came across a throw-away reference to Blood Angel, and Space Wolf, Rhino rushes.  This is a tactic I'm very familiar with from back in 3rd edition, but one I didn't think would work in 5th.  I'm under the impression that you can't assault from a vehicle that has moved that turn, which would mean this "rush" involves racing your Rhinos forward, then taking a turn of shooting before piling out and assaulting.  I believe the Blood Angels had a rule in their 3rd ed codex that let them assault out of a moving vehicle, though I don't have my books handy to check, which made this approach viable way back when.  Since there is no such rule in the current BA codex, I'm assuming that they can't pull the same trick now and have been focused on jump armies as a result.  I've been doodling up a bunch of Rhino based lists lately with the aim of running a mobile bunker sort of list though I'd much rather keep the assault flavor of the army.

Now I'm wondering if I have it wrong.  Fortunately I have my 40k rulebook on hand, plus Ork and BA codices, so I can go check it out.  If things work like I think they might then I'll likely lose most of the day in list writing.

Update: Looks like I was right.  While BA Rhinos are fast, that doesn't let the unit inside jump out and assault.  Trukks will work though being open-topped.


  1. The basic idea behind the Rhino Rush is taking your Rhinos and flooring it across the board, setting up your tanks in such a way that they screen one another, and popping smoke on those not covered. Next turn you jump out and assault the target, as it hasn't the movement to get away. Blood Angels do it best, but Space Wolves have the close combat specialists to allow them to do it as well. This brocess may take a turn or two, and relies on having a ton of vehicles, but any mechanized army worth it's salt will spam 35 point Rhinos all over the place.

    Keep in mind, your opponent can only flee 6" from you (6+D6" if he runs) and you can dinembark 2", move 6", and assault 6". The Rhino Rush has changed, but it still works, and is still plenty scary.

  2. I hate posting from my work computer. Internet Explorer doesn't point out all of my glaring typos, and I just gaze past them until my post is up. You should get the intent of my post, though.

  3. That's how I figured it worked. I'm sure it's scary, but I also find the prospect of just leaving my little boxes sitting in front of your lines for a turn of shooting scary. I also like the extra, sustained mobility of the jump troops over the Rhino-borne troops. That said, I keep making mech lists. Made another one last night in fact, one that featured the Baals I always want to run but never do, so you'll probably see it eventually. I just wish it worked a little differently. I guess I could always just use Land Raiders...