Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little post

The part stands for the whole.
While some of my plans for the day fell through, in the end it's mostly been a success.  This morning I decided to build two Nobs, then prime them and the Mek so all the Orks would be ready for painting at any time.  I brought along a whole box of stuff to accomplish this so I'd have everything I needed.  I had basing materials, models, a batch of new paints to go in the paint carrier, and my priming gear.  As I hit the highway I realize I've forgotten my bag of hobby tools, making most of the box riding next to me useless.  Fortunately I had planned to build and prime after finishing the batch of Shootas and I had everything I needed for that task.  I did the metals and dotted the eyes red today, and after a wash they might be finished.  I'd like to go back and reinforce the black, maybe highlight it, and do a final pass for details.  I'd also like to finish painting these Orks so I can get on to painting more Orks.  Considering this batch looks good as is, or will after a wash on the metals, I may just carry on into a new group.  Calling these done puts me at 25/54 for my 500 point list.  None of their bases are finished, but I'm planning to do all that at once, or at worst in two large batches.  I want to take another look at how EV is doing his so that my army matches his and the board, ensuring optimal realism.  Of course the black band on the base will break the immersion, but these things happen.

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