Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've seen the green light

The (nearly) finished group.
I had an epiphany while painting Orks today: if I don't stop painting them eventually, they'll never get done.  This may seem obvious, but it's a hard step for me to take.  I've mentioned my desire to fully shade and highlight every buckle on a mini in the past, which is a noble goal.  However, it doesn't work so well with a horde army.  As such, I'm about to call this batch done.  I'm considering doing some of the weapon details like the glyphs in red, and they need to be based, but I'm happy enough with the group to call them nearly finished.  They aren't my best work ever, but they'll look fine as a group.  Quantity has a quality all it's own after all.  I hope to get a similarly productive day in tomorrow, though I'm torn between sticking with painting and assembling more boys.  I'll need more shoota boys regardless, and I think I need more slugga boys too.  I'll also need to make up some power klaw nobs and possibly a few special weapons. 

Mr. Good Enough.
In other news, I found some of my list of metal minis to get before they disappear.  I stopped by the FLGS yesterday before work, but they didn't have any of what I was looking for.  I sent off an inquiry to the Warstore and while they have a couple of the minis, Chaplains and GK characters to be particular, they're lacking the BA characters I'm really after.  I tried another not so local store this afternoon and had more success.  I have a Sanguinor, Astorath the Grim, Lemartes, and Terminator Librarian now.  Since I can get Draigo and the Terminator Chaplain through the Warstore, and will place that order soon, my list of Potentially Regrettable minis is complete.  There are a couple from the Would Be Nice list floating around that I may come back to, or I may fill out the Warstore order with some Orky walkers.  I should really sit down with mt Ork boxes one day and figure out exactly what I have.  One thing I already have built but hasn't made it's way into a recent army list is an 'Ard Boys mob.  It's trukk sized, and has a big shoota, so it's unlilkely to see table time in the near future, but I could always use them as regular slugga boys until I find a need for them.  While I originally intended them to be a trukk mob, I'm starting to wonder if they wouldn't be better off as a much larger infantry mob.  Of course they may not be viable at all as 4 points for a 4+ save seems a bit steep, but since Orks are so cheap it shouldn't be too hard to find a spot for them.  That said, I never seem to have enough points to fit everything I want into a list.

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