Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My modest week's progress

What I've done today.
It's been a lethargic week for me.  I've had plenty of time to paint but not the motivation to set my stuff up.  Instead I've made a few poor lists, which I won't subject you to, and some actual modeling today.  I meant to get out the brushes this morning but I found myself making objective markers instead.  Nothing special, just barrels and tank traps, but they're better than the total lack of markers I currently have.  I also decided that Strakhov had lingered in his blister long enough, so I cleaned him up and put him together.  A bit of digging produced another blister, this time with a Kustom Force Field toting Big Mek.  Considering this ork is the center of my forthcoming army I figured it was well past time for me to get him assembled and on his way to painting.  I've glued down little slate bits as you can see in the photo, and I'll get them ballasted too when the glue has had a bit of time to dry.

Post-wash ork.
I got a picture of one of the slugga boys to show how they look after the wash.  In retrospect I should have used a model I've shown before, but this is what there is.  Comparing what I have built to what I'll need for the 500 point list, I need to make up another 10 shoota boys and maybe the odd slugga from AoBR.  While looking at bits yesterday I got a good look at the Ork Dread rokkit launcha, which has no less than four warheads on it.  I was going to use the Dread rokkits on the Kans, but I think that might look odd with a straight swap so maybe I'll convert some of them.  The result of all this is I should end up with more rokkits than I anticipated, which means I can have rokkits in my boys squads.  I think I'm going to cut up one of the Deffcoptas as well, so I'll have more rokkits still, perhaps enough to have rokkit buggies as well.  Everything is coming up rokkit around here.  While I'll probably keep some Big Shootas in the list for volume of fire, the rokkits are the hardest hitting ranged attack I'll have, so more will be good to make sure the skimmers come down.

In campaign news, I've had a new naming idea.  SJS 14 was an Imperial agriworld, until a derelict ork ship crash landed there and introduced a new link in the food chain.  While the planet is still officially Imperial land, it has been given over to the orks.  The world's new inhabitants have a name for their home: Cheechoo.

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  1. Objective markers don't have to look good, they just have to be functional. You've pulled that off just fine.

    Please take your time finishing that Big Mek. He's going to be quite a pain to deal with.