Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Becalmed on the hobby seas

A breeze sure would be nice.
Progress has been AWOL for the last week or two.  I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, I just know that the drive to sit and paint has waned to the point that I can barely bring myself to get the painting station set up, let alone do something with it.  Building the Ork Dread last week was a good time, yet the prospect of assembling yet more Ork Boys is less than thrilling.  What I'd like to do is put together an Honor Guard for the Blood Angels, but I still need to assemble some more bits for the load-out I have in mind.  There's also the matter of magnetizing, which is all but a must for something like an Honor Guard that has so many options.  Considering that I want to do each Honor Guard with unique heraldry, I'll need to come up with a way to have swappable arms that all share a single pair of shoulder pads which I have yet to figure out.  Lack of magnets is also a concern.

While I haven't gotten much done in terms of painting and modelling, I have been reading.  I just finished the third Horus Heresy book, Galaxy in Flames, the other day and was quite pleased with it.  This book is where the whole marine vs marine aspect of the series, which is the main thrust of it, gets rolling.  I had expected this to develop in the second book, and it did to a limited degree, but in the third book things really speed up.  I also picked up the Chaos Marine codex over the weekend and have started to dig into that as well.  I have a decent bit of Chaos marines in boxes here and there, but I don't plan on building an army in earnest any time soon, mostly because the units that catch my eye the most (Berserkers!) would lead to an army that plays much the same as the Blood Angels do.  What I'd really like to do is an army of recently turned Marines from various chapters.  One of the old Chaos codices had pictures of an army like this, perhaps an older incarnation of the Astral Claws, that were basically loyalist Marines with the aquillas painted over with big red Xs, but I haven't found that book again yet.

So what are my plans to break out of this funk?  I'm not too sure.  I still have Orks waiting for painting, so that's an option.  I also want to hammer away at some new lists, mostly for BAs but also taking another look at Grey Knights and maybe a Chaos list here and there.  In marginally related news, I got the dread blue screen of death on my computer this morning.  Hopefully I can get it resolved without too much hassle, but it's very possible that the funds I had earmarked for BA expansion and Trollbloods will be re-directed to getting my rig back in fighting shape.  Obviously I have access to other computers, but there's nothing like your own, especially when the main alternative is a Mac...

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