Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yet more adventures in time-delay posting

Powerful in theory at least.
Pre-script:  Looks like Blogger is having a kitten, so this may show up later than intended.  Here's hoping this drops a minute after noon.

Post-pre-script:  Didn't work out after all.

The Khadoran Machine will be rolling forward onto the battlefield once again in a half hour or so.  I'm not sure what I'll be facing, either faction or caster, but I do know what I'm taking.  I wanted to do something different today, so I'm leaving the Winter Guard in the case.  This actually creates a hole in my list building because the Winter Guard is the only core infantry squad I have (no Pikemen or Kayazy yet), but that just gives me more room to try things out.  A few months ago I reinvented the wheel by "discovering" what seems to be an old classic: pimpin' pVald in a Doom Reaver limo.  Doomies can't be targeted by magic and pVlad has Windwall, so when you roll the two together you get a unit that can't be shot or spelled.  I plan to just shove this down EV's throat.  They should make a large hole wherever they end up, so I'm going to ignore the scenario as much as possible and just try to kill his caster.  I'm also loading up on jacks and Greylords, plus a Manhunter.  I wanted to take the Kodiak and Wardog this game, both pieces that I like but don't play as much as I should.  Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to get the Wardog in and still hit 35 points.  I blame my lack of Mechanics, Great Bears, and non-four point infantry choices in general.  The list I have is thus:

pVlad +5
Destroyer - 9
Juggernaut - 7
Kodiak - 8
Doom Reavers - 6
Doom Reaver UA - 2
Greylord Ternion - 4
Koldun Lord - 2
Manhuntress - 2
35 total

The basic idea is to have the limo lead the way with the jacks following behind.  When the range is right, I'm going to send the Doomies in under Signs and Portents while Vlad hangs back.  The second wave will be all the jacks and Vlad.  I'm going to load the Destroyer up on focus while approaching so it has a chance of hitting and damaging with it's bombard.  The Koldun will let the Juggy run on the approach or clear Disruption as needed.  When it's time for the second wave the Koldun will give the Destroyer a focus to slam with.  Combined with the Kodiak's combo throw and whatever destruction the Doomies cause, I hope to open a big enough hole to send in the Juggernaut, Vlad, or both to finish the job.

Now it's time to grab my case and get to it.

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