Monday, May 16, 2011

Something neat I found

How Khadoran is this?
While looking through the Freebooter Miniatures gallery, I saw a model that would be a perfect fit for Khador.  Manhuntress was my first thought, but there'd be a bit of cutting and swapping to get axes in there.  Upon further gazing, I think Sorscha would be the right choice.  While there's less armor than usual for a warcaster, the overall feel fits.  The bustier, the hat, the polearm (which would need a hammer head on it, but that's minor), even the haughty look on the face works so well.  I may have to see what the US dollar to Euro conversion rate is like these days.  (Looks like ~1.5:1, which means this model would be about $15 without shipping.  Very intriguing...)  I think I've seen this model before, and probably in the same "Isn't this so Khadoran?" context, but I've never shied away from reinventing the wheel before.  If I played the Iron Kingdoms RPG, this model would be my first choice for a young, up-and-coming Sorscha.  Considering they also do a mini that could work as a young Gorman di Wulfe and story ideas just spring forth from the ether. Freebooter minis show up a decent bit on Jen Haley's site, and for good reason.  They're nice sculpts of hot ladies, two things close to any gamer's heart.  They even have a Lara Croft mini, though it's called something else.

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