Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Tide rolls slowly on

The rest look like this guy.
The painting was good this afternoon.  I got a couple hours in and as a result the latest batch of Orks is almost finished.  I did the blues and metals today, copper and silver.  I tried out the Vallejo Sepia wash on the metals.  My first impression is that it's darker than the Umber wash, but that would be the opposite of what I anticipated.  I'll do a side by side test in the next batch.  One of the nice things about painting a horde of Orks is that you can play around with the painting style without worrying that differences will look weird.  A Blood Angel in maroon armor would stand out, whereas Orks in different colors and hues just adds to the character of the army.  I ended up doing an extra highlight of blue.  I felt bad about taking the extra time instead of leaving well enough alone, but I was having a good time painting blue Ork faces and that's the point of the whole process.  The extra time paid off, and this batch is the best thus far as a result.  I've probably put 5-6 hours into this group so far, and I should be done in another hour or two.  My pace for this batch looks like it should be around an hour per model, which seems like a good enough number.  All I have left to do is the blacks and whites, plus red for the eyes.  I'm considering a brown/leather for straps and boots, but that would break up the palette I've established in the other batches.  Then again, that could be a good color to use across both Evil Suns and Dethskulls, so perhaps it's worth pursuing.  If it doesn't work out then at least the offending Orks can hide in the masses.

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