Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoota Boys Finished

Last batch of shootas, pre-varnish.
Does what it says in the title.  While the Nob isn't done, due to the assembly line snafu from last week, all the boys are finished and varnished.  I haven't decided yet if I want to base the squad, now that it's finished, or wait until the whole force is ready and do it in one shot, but I'm leaning towards doing a basing batch when I get the Nob and Mek done.  Coincidentally, those are the next two orks in line for the brush.  A Warmachine solo or caster may slot in before I keep the tide rolling, though I'm feeling very comfortable painting orks now so I may try to capitalize on that.  The slow grow project I'm doing with EV theoretically starts this month, so I don't have too long for a diversion, but even if I take a couple days to do something different I think I can finish in time.  I'm past halfway with this newest finished group, and most of the remaining orks are painted to some degree.  I'll probably end up painting over the existing layers, but then again I might find something useful.

You know, for details.
I feel the best about this batch.  While the extra layer of highlights meant they took more time than the previous groups, I think the results are well worth it.  This batch still painted up quickly in terms of time spent painting though those hours took longer to accumulate than some of the earlier batches.  I knocked out the blacks and whites this afternoon, plus red eyes and a few details.  I tried out a new Vallejo paint, Heavy Ochre.  It's a warm brown similar to Snakebite Leather.  The Heavy paints are Vallejo's version of the GW Foundation paints, and their Iyanden Darksun works beautifully.  The Heavy Ochre, not so much.  Brown is typically a strong pigment, so I figured that this one should cover anything on the first pass.  Turns out that this paint covers worse than most of the yellows I've used, let alone browns.  The color was too brown for what I wanted, namely basecoating assault marine helmets, and considering the poor performance it may start to gather dust in the paint bin.  Seeing this group after the washes from last time had plenty of time to dry, I think the Sepia wash may be darker than the Umber.  Devlan Mud looked a little darker going on, but I think the Sepia dried darker in the end.  Still love the Mud though.  On the further horizon I'm looking at converting 30+ AoBR orks for slugga boys, something I'm not really looking forward to.  I think I'd like doing five, maybe ten, but with a number the size of the one confronting me the prospect of cutting arms, repositioning them, and then green stuffing to make it look right is daunting.  Factor in that I've never really done much more than a weapon swap and the picture becomes grimmer still.  It will be a good chance to learn something new though, plus I'm sure I'll enjoy it while I'm doing it, but looking at it is not so fun.  It is a few weeks off though, and between now and then are dreads, kans, and bikers.  Hopefully I hit it at full speed.

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