Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little something for the wait

First things first, howdy to the folks who will (hopefully) be streaming in via the From the Warp blog network.  There should be other networks up and running, but a special recognition for the first.

A report of Friday's engagement with EV is forthcoming, but it's taking longer than anticipated.  I'm trying out Battle Chronicler, which is free so you should give it a look whether you're really interested or not.  Pretty as the finished product should be, it's also more time consuming than my usual photo + commentary.  I'm sure the program will be easier to use with practice, and it does look pretty, but in the end it'll be subject to the same time invested vs. results obtained scrutiny that anything else is.  Army lists are being written as well, with a bit more purpose than usual.  Without going into great detail or explicit spoilers, my poor Blood Angels are looking for a new way to skin a diseased cat.  I'm hoping to accomplish this with a modest reworking of my list, but if I'm expanding a bit then it's a good enough time to expand a decent bit.  Fortunately I have a large base of infantry already, so any new additions will be "sexy": Vanguard Vets, Honor Guard, Dreads, Preds.  Maybe even a certain flying transport...

With these changes in mind I stopped by a Lowe's and the FLGS.  Magnetizing has been on the to-do list for quite a while, and if I'm looking at Honor Guards and Vanguard Vets I'm going to look at magnets first.  I've seen the list at the Warstore and haven't made any sense of all the various measurements, so I took a look at drill bits first to see what was available.  There are some quite small ones, 1/32" (or 1mm if you're so inclined) and 1/16" looked promising at first glance.  When I compared those measurements to the ones at the Warstore, I see I'm on the small end of the spectrum and that I should be looking at 1/8" bits for best results.  Of course most of the magnets are out of stock, so I have some time to look around.  Perhaps Michael's will carry teeny magnets and save me shipping time.  After Lowe's I went by the FLGS with the intention of coming out with a Dreadnaught, Death Company, or perhaps a Dark Angels Veterans box.  What I found was nothing.  There was a BA battleforce box, but that was it for the boys in red.  This is probably a good thing because I can now dig through my bits to see what I need for what I intend, but it's an unhappy thing to head into a store full of purchasing intent only to be turned away by lack of stock.  At least this way I can see what sort of box a large Warstore order comes in.

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