Friday, February 17, 2012

Carni WIP #3, A Crossroads

Pretty much how the scheme will work out.
The Carnivean stomps on towards completion.  I probably could have finished it today had I pushed it, but as previously noted I have others things on the plate that preclude such a push.  The base color (I should find a better term for that as it's not really a basecoat, maybe midtone?  Also need something better than upperplates) on the upperplates got finished, along with a first highlight.  One more layer of highlights and I'll call it finished.  That's the problem though: where to take the highlights.  My initial plan was to use orange for the final highlight, and I probably will end up doing that, but looking at Cloudfang's Orange Blight tutorial makes me curious about "highlighting" with a darker color to show older, harder growth on the plates.  What I'd like to do is the orange highlight, then do an edge highlight (as much as possible on something as organic as the Carni) with a darker brown, perhaps the VGC Leather Brown that was the initial layer on the upperplates, then round the whole thing out with a nice wash of some sort.  My concern is that there may be too much going on if I do all those steps.  Once again I summon opinions from you, oh Internet who is full of little but opinions.  Go with orange, brown, wash?  Skip the orange and/or brown?  Dark wash (Badab Black), light(Ogryn Flesh), or somewhere in between (Devlan Mud)?  I won't be getting back to the Carni until next week, so you have some time to consider.

P.S.:  Had an idea just now, moments after finishing the post.  Perhaps I'll do some of the little bumps and juts in a bright orange.  That way I could still work in the overt orange without making half the model look like a pumpkin...

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  1. lookin awesome brotha! did you do the under plates lighter? i cnt tell from this angle? i think whichever direction you go at this point it will look awesome! the purple really does work in there... nice... cant wait to see this force painted.. im halfway through warspears and another warchief.. hopefully they will be done by the end of the month.. took some time out to hit up two rotten belles from my seamus crew.. and been working on a top secret project too.. see ya.