Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carnivean WIP #4, Starting Objectives

All but done.
The Carnivean is all finished except for the base, hence the WIP label.  I went with all the options listed in the last WIP post, namely orange edge highlighting with brown tips and orange barnacles.  The results are most pleasing.  The base is unfinished as I've yet to decide how to base the army, though I'm leaning towards fairly simple snow bases.  My only reservation there is that the scheme is already on the light side, so adding white base will only make it that much lighter.  Then again, if the bases are dark they might draw attention away from the actual models.

As for the painting itself, it went like this.  First off, black primer to start and all paints are Vallejo Game Colors.  For the skin I started with Sombre Grey, then a 50/50 mix of Sombre and Wolf Grey.  This was darker than anticipated, so next time I'll try a 2:1 Wolf/Sombre mix.  Next was straight Wolf Grey as a first highlight, then Dead White as a final highlight.  The underplates began with Heavy Warmgrey, then got a wash of Devlan Mud, then Bonewhite and Dead White highlights with a final wash of Gryphonne Sepia.  The upperplates started with Leather Brown, followed by the nigh-ubiquitous Devlan Mud, Scrofulous Brown (a nice orangey brown), and Filthy Brown as a highlight.  To finish the upperplates I picked out the "baranacles" with Hot Orange, then did an edge highlight of the plates and barnacles with Orange Fire, and finished off the larger tips with Beasty Brown.  The Carni painted up fairly quick except for the upperplates.  Granted I did everything after the wash with a detail brush which added some time on, but there are lots of nooks and crannies that I didn't want to fill in.  Overall I'm very pleased with the results.

In other news, I got a start on the objective markers for the Gnarls league.  I had lofty plans for these at the beginning that involved sculpting Khadoran anvils and 5th Border Legion symbols, but having never tried sculpting on that scale before I went with the safer (and quicker) alternative of using excess jack parts.  I'll be adding plenty of greenstuff to create hills/dirt covering the bits as if they've been cut off their owners and left to rust on the battlefield.  Most of the markers will get ballast, but I'll leave the greenstuff exposed in areas and paint it up like mud.  I'm also considering doing hazard stripes on the edge of the bases to really make them pop, and hopefully keep them from being mistaken for wreck markers.

In still other news, I just finished pinning the top set of wings on the Angelius.  Hopefully the smaller sets attach as easily.  I have a 50 pointer scheduled for early afternoon and hope to get a team game in after that which will complete both my three games for the week and my second team game of the league.  Then I'll just have to finish the markers to check off all the patches, which will let me focus on playing games next week to finish the league strong.

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