Saturday, February 11, 2012

Joe WIP #4, Torch WIP #3

Just needs a little more work.
I've been waffling about what to post for a few days, with the result of not posting anything.  Instead of continuing this trend, I decided to just do a painting post and let the rest of it keep simmering.  Most of the week has been spent reading, so there hasn't been a whole lot of painting.  On Friday I decided I had to get some work done on something.  What did I pick?  Rivets.  There was some other little work, doing the few black areas, some bronze, starting on the base.  As a result, Torch is almost done.  There are some lingering details I haven't gotten to and a couple I've missed, but I could call Torch finished right now (base aside) and be happy with it.  That won't happen as I still have plans for a 5th Border Legion logo on the top hatch (like Black Ivan) and I'm not ready to let the other details slide just yet.  It's awful nice to be all-but finished though.  I'm always amazed at how quick jacks paint up compared to infantry.  You'd think the larger model would take longer, yet I can do a jack in a day or two while infantry takes about a week.  Hopefully beasts paint as quick as jacks.  If so, I could (in theory) get all my Legion painted up before the league is finished.

Limping along.
Joe got a little love as well, getting some silver basecoated, but he was an after thought.  I also picked out his hat symbol with red.  As with Torch I have plans to drop some freehand on Joe's coat.  Unlike Torch, I don't know that I'll be doing it.  Joe has become a bit of a slog.  While I'll push through and finish him up, there hasn't been a lot of entertainment in painting him lately.  Hopefully this changes before too long.  With a batch of Legion reinforcements due in on Monday it would have been ideal to get these two pieces finished up so I'd have a clean slate to fill with blighted goodness.  Then again it's obviously impossible to have models ready to paint in the morning when the package won't arrive until that same afternoon, so perhaps an adjustment of that mental deadline to Monday is appropriate.

On the Legion front, I'm pondering two approaches: cycle out pieces I'm currently using to paint while plugging those gaps with the new arrivals, or paint the new stuff before it sees the table at all.  The first approach rewards the pieces that have been performing well for me so far (Carnivean and Seraph mostly) while also getting the new stuff into the fray quickly.  The second approach puts off stripping models for as long as possible, plus it forces me to get things painted if I want to use them (which I obviously do).  Decisions, decisions.

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