Friday, February 17, 2012

Carnivean WIP #2

Getting there.
Lots of progress yesterday on most hobby fronts.  Let's start with the painting, since I have a picture of that.  The various plates got washed, then underplates were finished, and the upperplates got a start.  Turns out those will take longer than anticipated.  I didn't quite finish the initial coat on the yesterday, but with just those plates to finish I'm relatively confident that I can get the Carni done today.  Then again, there's plenty on the docket for today that isn't painting, so I can't sink the whole day into it despite my desire to do just that.  The picture on the left isn't from the best angle progress-wise, but it was the only angle I could get that showed the underplates.  Just the one arm and the rest of the upperplates need the initial coat of brown, the rest of them are ready for highlighting.  I'll do a breakdown of what colors went where when I'm done with the whole thing, as much for me as for anyone else.  I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far, but final judgement is reserved until the end as always.

I've had foam, and a box, to cut up a custom transport for my beasts for the last week or more, and I finally got to cutting yesterday.  No pictures yet, but there are still plenty more holes to cut.  The important thing right now is that my Seraph is no longer wedged into a less than ideal transport.  That it shares the box with Typhon and a Raek is gravy.  I have a game scheduled for noon on Saturday, my first 50 point game.  To hit such a lofty total with Legion I need to build an Angelius and another Forsaken.  Last night I got the Forsaken done, which has a spine piece that I first took for a tail, and got a start on the Angelius.  The body is pinned together and glued to the base and should be pinned to the base shortly.  The wings are going to pose a problem.  The top wings are huge and the contact points are just the right size to be a little too small for comfort, yet not quite big enough to allow for a thorough pinning.  Worst case scenario sees me fielding a wingless Angelius, but hopefully I can get at least some of the wings on by game time.

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