Friday, February 24, 2012

Kovnik Joe Ready, Objectives WIP #2

Inspiration is available again.
I hadn't planned on painting today, but when I took a look at Joe to see how much was left to do I found the list wasn't that long.  After a brief bit of detail work and a wash, Joe is finished and no doubt eager to be back on the field.  Unfortunately it's raining, with occasional deluges, here in the DMV today, so Joe will have to wait a bit for the first pass of varnish.  Once that pass goes through my opponents will once again have the opportunity to experience the firepower of a fully armed and operational (and painted!) Death Star battle station.

When I sit down to make fully painted lists, I often run into the problem of having the WGI done, but not Joe.  This has less to do with it being hard to make a list that doesn't feature the full Death Star (really not that hard, Khador has plenty of other options), but rather that the WGI are the only "core" infantry unit that I have painted.  (I define "core" Khadoran infantry as Winter Guard Infantry, Kayazy Assassins, and Iron Fang Pikemen.  I have the Kayazy but they aren't painted, and I have no IFP yet.)  I've gone on before about how Khador, and Warmachine in general, doesn't support multiple jacks very well, so this lack of infantry is a large problem.  While Joe isn't absolutely required for the WGI, it's as close as possible.  He just does so much for his two points that it's all but impossible to leave him in the bag if there's any sort of Winter Guard on the table, much less the WGI.  He puts the "super" in "super solo."

Construction is finished.
More work on the objective markers.  Last night I mixed up more greenstuff than I've ever used at one time before, then applied it to the sides of the jack parts in a muddy/hilly/drifting sort of manner.  Ballast followed a few minutes ago, which covers up most of the greenstuff.  While unfortunate, as it deprives you all of wonderful photographic evidence of my handiwork, the plan made it unavoidable.  When the rain breaks I'll be priming these, then rushing them through the paint booth next week to get them done for the league.

Speaking of leagues and markers, I saw a fellow player's objective markers last night and really liked them.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture and don't know his name, but they're easy enough to describe.  He took banner bits from the WGI and the Stormclad, plus a third I didn't get a good look at, then built up a little pile of rocks for them to stand on.  This is very similar to what I was planning on doing for flag markers except that he used the bits instead of trying to sculpt them, an idea that I plan on stealing with no shame.  I'll have to look around at the bits to see which will work, though I'm leaning towards the IFP banner just now, and I think I'll have them flat against the base instead of standing upright, but however I end up doing it I'll be skipping the sculpting by going with the bits, which should both look better and be quicker to do.  A classic double-win.

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