Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Bleed For My Hobby, Carnivean WIP #1

So many pins...
While getting curb-stomped by EV on Tuesday I noticed I had some skin peeling off my left index finger.  What caused this wasn't immediately apparent.  At the time I thought perhaps it was from scraping mold lines, though in that case it should have been on the thumb and on my right hand.  Yesterday I figured out what the cause was: pinning.  To be more accurate, pinning spiky Legion models.  In constructing Typhon and the Raek you see on the left, I did a lot of pinning.  A whole lot of pinning.  More pinning than I've ever done on a pair of models before.  Except for one of Typhon's heads, every piece on both models has at least one pin in it, for a grand total of twenty four (24) pins between the two.  Greenstuffing is still underway.  The bad news is that I rubbed off a couple layers of skin and drilled straight into my thumb twice.  The good news is that I should never have to worry about these models coming apart, even if I manage to pick up Typhon by one of his teeny T-Rex arms.  Hopefully the taste of blood they got makes them more vicious on the table.

It will still be a day or two of greenstuffing before Typhon and the Raek are ready to be primed, which means at least two weeks (from today) until they'd be ready for the table.  With an apparent shift to 25 points games underway for the league, not to mention the need for some team games, I wanted the extra list building flexibility that having a lesser would bring.  Plus I want to play with Typhon.  As such I got started painting a Carnivean last night.  I plowed straight through the skin and the mouth (minus the teeth), plus got a basecoat on the other bits and got some purple lining in.  It's too early to be sure, but the early returns on the purple look good.  Credit to Cloudfang of Live to CRUSH for that addition, plus other tweaks to the scheme.  The purple I used previously on the Shredders was darker and dirtier, but the arrival of a bottle of VGC Warlock Purple gave me a much brighter shade to work with.  As a result it leaps off the model in a most pleasing way.  With two colors left to do (cream on the under-plates, an orangey-brown on the over-plates) there's an outside chance I get the Carni finished today, but Friday is more realistic.  My biggest concern with this model is rubbing the paint off one part while painting another.  You can see a bit of metal peeking out from the peak of the shoulder plate in the picture above.  I'm trying to only hold the base, but some contact to other areas is unavoidable with a model of this size and weight.

In addition to painting I hope to cut some foam that I got a week or two ago for a custom beast case.  My Seraph transport leaves much to be desired, and the box I'll be using should be large enough for all my beasts (and perhaps all my Legion in general), so this should be a good quality of life upgrade.  With any luck I'll be able to get in all three league games tonight, but if not I hope to be able to squeeze another in Saturday morning/Sunday night.  Getting them all done tonight is definitely option number one.


  1. Looking good so far!

    The purple around the mouth is especially cool looking. I'm a big fan of this model. I can't wait to end him on the tabletop.

    Best of luck in your league games!

  2. The Carnivean is certainly an impressive model, which is only reinforced every time it eats something. League games went well enough last night with another this weekend. I'm feeling good about my results so far, plus I'm having a good time and seeing all sorts of new things for the first time, so it's an overall win. Need to start working on objective/flag markers though.