Monday, February 6, 2012

Joe WIP #3, Torch WIP#2

Stomping towards completion.
Why do I always wait so long before I start writing?  Inevitably time slips up on me and I have to hurry to not be late for work.  One day I'll learn, but not today.

Things did happen today.  Painting things.  The greens got finished, along with the reds, and I got started on some of the gold details as well.  A while back I switched up how I highlighted the olive drab green that forms the base of the 5th Border Legion scheme.  I had been mixin in Bleached Bone to do highlights with, but the result never quite looked right.  Then one day I had an idea: what if I use a light grey instead of a light brown?  In goes the Stonewall Grey and miraculously the highlights look (to my eye) much better, like actual highlights instead of a completely different color slapped on top of the green base.  One day I may do a tutorial for my scheme but in case I don't I wanted to note that little nugget of wisdom.  Torch is progressing nicely and may well be done by the end of the week, depending on how much painting time I get and how any freehanding goes.

Two steps forward, two steps back?
Kovnik Joe is clipping along as well, but I hit a snag with him today.  It's a product of poor planning, because I just waded into these minis without really looking at them and figuring out how to proceed.  Joe has some fairly detailed bracers that really want more attention that the "paint it gold" approach I had been going with.  This isn't a big problem but it's still bothersome.  I hate repainting something I've already painted, even if it isn't more than a basecoat.  Joe's collection of medals will also require more work than I thought.  He's packed with detail, as well he should be.  While it'll help him pop a bit on the table and show that he's a couple cuts above the regular grunts, more detail still means more work.  Large swathes of Joe are finished though, everything except for details and metals really, so taking a little extra time on those details won't hurt much.  Like Torch, Joe may be done before the week is over.  I'll be very happy to be able to field a fully painted Deathstar.

In other, non-photographed news, I finally sat down after the Super Bowl to put some models together.  Absylonia, Yuri, and a pair of Shepherds all got assembled.  There wasn't as much pinning as I would have liked, due in large part to sinking a drill bit in my thumb early on in the process.  This means there's far too much glue+greenstuff holding these models together.  While it makes the assembly process quicker, pIrusk has shown that it doesn't form a super solid bond (his hand came off when I was taking him out of my bag).  I think I learned some lessons from that particular debacle, ones that I was careful not to repeat on this batch, but I'm still skeptical.  Hopefully that skepticism is misplaced.  However it turns out in the future for now they're assembled, might get based tonight, and could get primed in the morning.  Absylonia was the caster I wanted to play when I first went over the Legion book, so it'll be good to see how she does on the table.  I don't have all the pieces I'd like for her, but I'm also assembling an order for reinforcements so that issue should be rectified before too long.  With the Gnarls league starting today, I want to get on the Legion train soon so I can have as good a showing as possible.

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