Sunday, March 20, 2011

Metal mania

These guys want metal too.
Still waiting on my order, while in the background the clock ticks on.  I thought about sending Neal @ the Warstore an email asking him to send on the metallics now and the rest of the order whenever it arrives so that I could get going on the Sanguinary Guard.  Having dug into the backlog orders part of Warstore lately, I see that what's holding my order up is the metal.  So much for that idea.

I took a flip through a Blood Angel centric White Dwarf last night to see how they did a non-metal metallic Sanguinor.  While I think I could do the techniques as described, there are a crazy amount of layers involved and doing a five man squad in that manner would probably take much longer than the time I have left.  Instead I'm pondering hitting the FLGS on the way home from work tonight and picking up a handful of metallics to supplement the lone pot of Burnished Gold I have.  (I also see I ordered the wrong "heavy yellow," getting the Tausept Ochre equivalent instead of the Iyanden Darksun.  Alas for converting between paint ranges.)  I'm none too excited about getting a bunch of paints to do a single squad when I already have nearly those exact paints on order, but I just don't have the time to wait.  Perhaps I'll see if there's progress on Monday instead of going shopping today.

In happier news, I got the red and bone/parchment areas basecoated on the jump packs yesterday.  It's unspectacular progress that I didn't photograph, but it does take me a bit closer to finished.  While I'll get the squad painted in plenty of time for the LPC, I don't know about the transfers.  Since I have the decal fluids coming from the Warstore, I'm in the same boat with the transfers as the metallics.  I am unwilling to get them from a store though as I don't really need them in the same way as the metallics.  I think seven of the assault squad guys don't need, or already have, transfers, so I can easily stick the guys who are waiting on them in the back when I take my finished group shot.  While this is sort of cheating, I do have some great extenuating circumstances and I'm not taking advantage that much really.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that anyway.  Thinking about it while doing this post, I think I'll buzz through the FLGS as a pre-purchase scouting trip, to make sure they have what I'm after, and then make my actual purchases after I finish the jump packs and get the assault squad together.  Hopefully that squad will be done before Wednesday so I can get a good start on the Guard then.

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