Monday, March 28, 2011

Still four days

Return of the group shot intro.
One of the benefits of posting in the early morning hours is that if you come back and do another post, like this one, you still have as many days left as you did in the earlier post, which is good for morale.  While I got less done yesterday than I wanted to, I made up for it by getting in some more painting this afternoon.  I did the greens and glaives on the Guard, bringing them closer still to completion.  The greens went easy as I've got them pretty well figured out by now, while the glaives were a little trickier but a nice change of pace.  From the obvious news department,
getting prominent areas of models finished makes them look closer to completion.  The Guard felt very much in progress yesterday this morning, and the simple addition of three glaives makes them suddenly feel all-but finished. 

Starting to look Elite
I tried to paint the glaives in the studio fashion as best I could.  Looking at a picture of the studio Guard again just now, I see that I did a pretty poor job of replicating their style, but I think it turned out fine all the same.  My guiding principle was two-fold: the glavies themselves are blue, but when the power is applied it causes them to brighten up.  Practically this means that I painted a cloud around the power-applicating-node-things in the opposite of the usual manner, where the closest bits are the lightest.  I also put on some arcing lightning sort of lines across the glaive in a couple different shades of blue and white.  That part didn't turn out so well when I compare mine to the studio versions, but considering that this is a first attempt I'm happy.  Resuming the list from last time:

  • Glaives - done
  • Banner
  • Reds- done
  • Purity Seals - done
  • Blacks - done
  • Silvers - done
  • Basing
  • Writing
  • Any details I missed
  • Wings
Glaive looks a little better here.
The missed details category is bigger than I'd like, but despite that I'm getting close with the Guard.  Hopefully I'll get the wings prepped and primed tonight so I'll have them ready for tomorrow.  I'm really getting down to the last little bits on the LPC squads which is good because it means I'm close to the finish, but bad because of my setup.  I've mentioned before that I do most of my painting on the go now.  I've got my painting box whittled down to the essentials now, which makes picking it and heading out with it a breeze.  It also makes it a pain when I need a certain tool or material that I haven't packed with me.  Since I'll surely be doing non-standard things to finish off the squads, I'm liable to need things that I didn't expect to need, and therefore didn't bring with me.  I plan to combat this by gathering everything I think I could potentially need and dragging it all along with me, though I'm not sure that I'll be toting along spray cans.  I do have a few days left though, and while I hope to get most of the work done tomorrow it won't be a killing blow if I find that I've neglected to pack green stuff or something similar.


  1. Totally off topic, but in relation to your lusting after Grey Knights. Would you be interested in doing the same thing we did with Uncharted Seas (collecting, say, ~250 points a month)? We could start at a 500 point Combat Patrol (I have the rules at home for you to look over) and slowly expand. I would then have the time and patience to slowly paint up my minis as you did the same- y'know, so I could field a fully-painted, non-dipped, non-drybrushed army?

    Just some food for thought.

  2. Oh, bu the way- Those models look freakin' amazing! I love the power weapons!

  3. I'm planning on doing a post-LPC speculation post, so a fuller answer will be in there, but for now the short answer is I'm game to do a slow growth deal, it just might not be with Grey Knights.

    Thanks re: weapons. You'll get to see them up close and personal soon enough. :p