Monday, March 14, 2011

Short update from yesterday

Le shot du group.
I didn't quite finish off the last of the assault marines yesterday, but I came pretty close.  I still have to do the writing and basing, plus armor highlights.  Since I've been on the fence about doing this at all, I'll consider it while I'm between painting sessions.  I'm sure I'll end up doing the highlights, if only because the rest of the squad is highlighted, but I'll consider all the same.  I'm pleased with this last batch overall, both in terms of quality and time.  Speed has improved with each group, and I see no reason it can't get a little faster still.  I'll plateau eventually, but every new refinement of paint order makes things better.

I hope I did this gem right.
I'm hoping my Warstore order shows up in the next day or two.  I have a little left to do on the assault marines, plus the jump packs, but after that little bit I'll be waiting on paint and decal stuff.  Hopefully it doesn't hold me up any as time is short already.  Regardless of those worries, it was nice going to bed last night knowing that I had a squad almost finished.  It's been entirely too long since I finished a squad of anything, and even longer since I finished a 40k unit.

Since I need to leave for work 5 minutes ago, photo dump.

Love the sculpted 'Sanguinius" pad.

Chest ornamentation galore.

Still no clue what I'll do with the tabard.

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